Steinberg Releases VST Live Pro 2

US Live performance platform expands into a fully featured, advanced stage production system      19/04/24

Steinberg has announced what they say is a world first for performers, as VST Live 2 adds significant new features to develop its live performance platform into a fully featured, advanced stage production system.

Director of Corporate Affairs & Product Portfolio Strategy Frank Simmerlein, told us, "Although VST Live has seen several major feature updates since it was first launched, version 2 is the biggest step in the evolution of this remarkable software. There is no other system on the market which combines MIDI, audio, VST instruments, mixing/sequencing technology and video/lightning control in one product. Most importantly for the performer, although VST Live continues to evolve with many new features, it is designed to be very easy to use, with a clear, intuitive interface and controls."

Here's more details direct from Steinberg...

VST Live 2 adds DMX plug-ins, new Flex Loops functionality, automation, and much more to deliver a comprehensive, easy to use control system for all aspects of your live performance.

Alongside dedicated instruments, a wide range of effects plug-ins, live stacks, a fully fledged mixer, syncable lyrics/chords and a sequencer with audio, MIDI and video tracks, VST Live 2 adds features which will make your performance look truly professional.

Introducing DMX plug-ins
An eye-catching visual show usually plays an important part for live performances. Running visuals in sync with your music is key to making the right impact, so VST Live Pro 2 is the first DIY production system to include DMX plug-ins, which will help to create a memorable visual performance in no time.

Maximum flexibility with Flex Loops
VST Live now includes Flex Loops, allowing users to set up a dedicated version for each part, including duration, continuous looping or set a number of repetitions. Flex Loops gives users the power of ultimate loop control.

More highlights
VST Live 2 now comes with much-requested new automation, recording automation data that is not exclusively linked to a specific track or instrument. This means that any source information can be sent to any target which opens up literally endless possibilities for working with automation.

Other highlights in VST Live 2 include MIDI plug-in support and Focus Control. Focus Control lets users set up customized windows with only the controls and parameters needed at that time.

Pricing and Availability:

VST Live Pro 2 is available through the Steinberg Online Shop for 99.99 euros or 99.99 US dollars.

The update and upgrade are exclusively available through the Steinberg Online Shop, with an attractive upgrade price for VST Live Elements customers.

Both update and upgrade will initially be offered at a 20% discount on the regular price. These introductory offers end on May 20, 2024.

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