BlaknBlu Announce Two New Eurorack Modules

US Foxtrot is a quad VCF, Alpha Pro is a quad VCA      12/04/24

BlaknBlu has launched two new synth modules for Eurorack - Foxtrot is a quad VCF while Alpha Pro is a quad VCA. Here's the full details in the company's own words...

Foxtrot Quad Multimode VCF
Foxtrot is a quad Voltage Controlled Filter. Each or the four filter channels can be switched between three VA models – a Moog style ladder filter, a Sallen-and-Key filter like that used in the Korg MS-20, or a state variable filter as found in Oberheim synths.

Each filter can be continuously varied between band-pass, low-pass and high-pass, using a front panel control or CV. Additionally, it's possible to link any or all of the filters together – great for 'resonator' style multiple band-pass filters, for instance.

Each filter has a two input sub-mixer for the signal inputs and another for the cut-off CV, two outputs (which can be panned using the AUX CV input for stereo effects) and a Boost switch to overdrive the filters.

Alpha Pro Quad VCA/Mixer/ Overdrive
Alpha Pro is a quad VCA. Each channel can operate independently (you can never have too many VCAs!), or can be assigned to one of two mix buses, turning Alpha Pro into a configurable mixer.

Similar to Foxtrot, the VCAs have a two input sub- mixer on each signal in, and on the gain CV.

The VCA outputs are stereo, with a dedicated pan control and CV input. Additionally, each VCA has two overdrive modes and an overdrive level control. The first mode is a softer, valve-like overdrive and the second gives a harsher, clipping style distortion.

Each VCA features linear or exponential response, and has a zero crossing circuit to reduce clicking on fast CV transients.

Alpha Switches
An optional 2HP switch board extends the features of Alpha Pro, providing control over whether the inputs are DC or AC coupled, and where the mix buses and overdrive circuitry appear in the signal chain.

About BlaknBlu
BlaknBlu was founded over a decade ago by Adam Garstone, who has been designing professional audio and video equipment for over 30 years, Adam was Hardware Design Manager at SADiE – a DAW which continues to dominate the mastering market – and has designed and manufactured electronics in both the UK and the US, including developing professional studio converters, consumer audio gear, and CGI equipment used in TV and film.

Alpha Pro and Foxtrot are the first of BlaknBlu's Eurorack modules to be released, though there are plenty more in the pipeline.


Pricing and Availability:
Foxtrot is a 38HP module and has a RRP of £399.00 inc VAT. Foxtrot can be pre-ordered now, with shipping towards the end of April.
Alpha Pro is a 38HP module and has a RRP of £399.00 inc VAT. Alpha Pro can be pre-ordered now, with shipping towards the end of April.

More information:


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