GR-Mega Granular Workstation

US New featuress and shipping mid April      27/03/24

Tasty Chips have just shared a new video showing the most important features of their upcoming flag ship synthesizer, the GR-Mega Granular Workstation. It's been in development for almost 5 years, and it will be entering production this spring. Visit their site for more information on the unit, including a spec sheet, and pre-order information. Here's their description: 

The GR-MEGA is a sound designer's dream, offering near limitless possibilities to record and manipulate samples, even in real-time, all supported by a hands-on interface that gives you instant access to complex modulation, slicing and dicing, sequencing and effects.

The GR-MEGA is a sample-based device. Record audio with the built-in high quality inputs, and you are now ready to granulate all your source samples into countless variations. Anything is possible, ranging from subtle changes that still represent the original sample to a completely mangled and scattered manipulation of the original. Imagine what it would sound like if you hear thousands of little sound particles (grains) swarming around to reconstruct any sample you present it. Depending on what source sample you want to use, results can be lovely, soft, and soothing but also chaotic, aggressive and unpredictable and everything in between.

The GR-MEGA is 4 layer multitimbral, and massively polyphonic, and has a wide choice of engines ranging from a traditional sampler with slicing, to a spectral phase vocoder, and of course granular. It's capable of 128 grains per voice, which can add up to a total of 5000 grains simultaneously. Playing rich chords to create granular harmonic clouds is an easy task. Hook up your (USB or DIN) MIDI keyboards and you are ready to go.. Or just use the on-board chord sequencer.

The GR-MEGA offers hands-on high quality controls for nearly everything it offers, a dimmable 7" scratch proof display, and a wide range of interfacing possibilities like high quality audio inputs, the ability to be used as a USB sound card by PC/Mac, and easy access to USB sticks and drives.

See the full details on the product page:


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