Kickstart A Multidimensional MPE MIDI Controller

US Loom by Aodyo Instruments is looking for funding      21/03/24

Aodyo Instruments has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its new product, Loom. They describe it as a multidimensional MPE MIDI controller offering musicians a versatile and expressive device to expand their creative possibilities. Here's the dtails that they have supplied...

Loom is a multidimensional MPE MIDI controller built for immediate playability and expressiveness. Building on the expertise developed through the creation of the Sylphyo and Anyma synthesizers, Aodyo Instruments designed Loom to provide musicians with a versatile and powerful tool for live performances, studio recordings, and bedroom compositions.

Features at a glance

  • Playing modes: Includes keyboard, ribbon, strum, and drumkit modes, with more to be added via software updates. All are customizable with the included editor. Third-party development is also encouraged via a developer mode.
  • Multidimensional multitouch surface: Allows independent control of pitch (X), timbre (Y), and dynamics (Z) for each finger. Available in two or three-octave configurations.
  • Enhanced control: Provides unique sensors that complement the main surface: thumb- activated tactile sliders and bars on the front and back edge, as well as a pressure-sensitive action zone on the left.
  • Built for MPE and legacy MIDI: Optimized for MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression), but fully compatible with non-MPE MIDI instruments, with easy connection via USB-C or MIDI TRS cable with a wide range of hardware and software.


Pricing and Availability:
Aodyo Instruments is gearing up to kickstart the production of the Loom. People interested in backing the campaign and having an opportunity to secure a Loom at a very reduced price have 21 days (March 21 -- April 11) to participate in the Kickstarter campaign. Deliveries are expected in Summer 2024.

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