Two Notes Announces Jensen Speaker IRs

US Jensen Presents: The 50s DynIR Cabinet Collection has 15 new guitar speaker captures      15/03/24

Two Notes Announces Jensen Speaker IRs

Two notes Audio Engineering has announced the immediate availability of the Jensen Presents: The 50s DynIR Cabinet Collection - an official-brand assemblage representing the classic assortment of drivers from Jensen's heritage portfolio. Here's their press release with the full details...

When it comes to bonafide vintage guitar Sonics, Jensen Loudspeakers® exist in a class of their own. Not only were they the certified must-have for Leo Fender's first foray into Guitar Amplifiers, Jensen® cemented their heritage throughout the 1940s, -50s and -60s as the go-to for the period's most legendary amps (including Fender®, Ampeg® and Gibson® no less). Fast forward to today and Jensen® exist as a steadfast pillar for traditional and contemporary guitar sonics alike - whether it's classic vintage tone brimming with vibey mojo, or modern state-of-the-art design engineered to influence generation after generation, Jensen® continue their mission of pioneering drivers to inspire their customer's creativity with sublime tone and night-after-night reliability.

Jensen® Presents: The 50s
Packed with 15 exclusive official brand captures, expect the undisputed classic assortment of drivers from Jensen®'s roster including the P8R, P10R, P10R-F, P10Q, P12R, P12Q, P12N and P15N.

Any tone-connoisseur will tell you, when you're seeking musical dynamic compression and the pinnacle in top-end shimmer, only a driver fitted with an AlNiCo magnet will do! With every capture included in the  "Jensen® Presets: The 50's" collection, Jensen® delivers the archetypal AlNiCo-powered drivers in their roster, primed for authentic "tweed" style tones and set to elevate your sonics with all the tonal-prowess of their heritage range.

Capture-wise, this really is a masterpiece! Fusing an exquisite mic selection and the crème de la crème when it comes to studio outboard, prepare yourself for the perfect blend of primo tone and seamless adaptation from the studio to the stage. Add to all of this a custom-built enclosure roster comprising a selection of certified must-haves - inspired by Fender® and Mesa/Boogie® no less - and all rudiments are set for tone that's brimming with vibe and oozing with retro mojo. In short, this collection is a sure-fire guarantee for Grade-A classic tonal stylings from the brand that kickstarted the world of guitar sonics as we know it today!

"Hot on the heels of GENOME's public release, we're elated to welcome a bonafide legend in the Guitar Amp annals to Two notes' ever expanding DynIR roster. Only a handful of brands can claim bragging rights on being there at the inception of guitar sonics as we know it today - Jensen® is one such brand. Time-and-time again, official Jensen® captures have been requested by our legion of users; today, we deliver on this. With their inaugural DynIR release, we're primed to empower every Two notes user with all the tonal prowess akin to their heritage line of drivers - drivers that shaped a generation and set a precedent for guitar speakers as we know them today. Whether it's a sublime clean or a raunch-fuelled edge of breakup tone, this pack delivers the proverbial goods in spades!" Guillaume Pille, CEO

"It's an iron-clad fact: Jensen Loudspeakers® voiced the roots of contemporary guitar music; it was about time we partnered with Two notes to make our iconic heritage tones available to the forward thinking player. Now, with the "Jensen Presents: The 50's" DynIR cabinet collection, we're set to empower players of all walks with the bedrock of our tone-bending knowhow. Whether you're a vintage aficionado or contemporary axe-smith, we're certain there is something here for everyone - from the epitome of a pristine clean to a gritty LoFi sonic shade, brace yourself for the tonal foundation and innate essence of the Jensen line. Better yet, this is just the beginning - watch this space!" Ignazio Vagnone - Jensen Speakers - Marketing & Communication

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