Adaptive Tone Shaping Plug-In

US oeksound releases Bloom      13/03/24

Adaptive Tone Shaping Plug-In

oeksound has released Bloom which they describe as an adaptive tone shaper that analyzes the character of a signal and applies corrections to the perceived tonal balance for a more even and refined sound. They say that it also lets the user shape the tone and character of a track, for example by adding warmth, brightness, or clarity. Here's the full details in the company's own words...

Tonal adjustments made with Bloom are dynamic and context-aware. This, together with its carefully designed user interface, is aimed to make the plug-in quick and intuitive to use and help keep the material sounding natural, even when making radical changes.

Bloom is the most complex processor oeksound has built to date. Its development consisted of two years of critical listening, refining the algorithm, and iterating user interactions. The interface is designed to be fast to work with and has similarities with EQs and multiband compressors. However, the processing underneath has little to do with either: Bloom does not use frequency bands (and the crossovers they entail), and its behavior constantly adjusts based on the input signal. Bloom can be used for quickly shaping individual tracks towards a cohesive mix. It can be equally effective as a bus processor, working well both on groups and in mastering contexts. Bloom can be used as a problem-solver – evening out inconsistencies in a sound – or for creative tone shaping.

Bloom is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Four tone controls let the user quickly adjust the processing to taste. These sliders change the overall tonal balance that Bloom is working towards, rather than making absolute cuts or boosts as found in an EQ. An additional squash range engages a form of frequency-dependent compression. Other features include attack and release controls, mid/side functionality, and low latency mode.

Bloom is oeksound's first studio plug-in in four years, following Soothe (2016), Spiff (2018), and Soothe2 (2020). Its philosophy is similar to oeksound's previous plug-ins:using highly efficient algorithms, tuned by ear, to shape audio in quick and musical ways. But Bloom steps away from explicit problem-solving and towards color and tone-shaping. It can be used not only to fix audio, but also to sculpt it creatively.

Pricing and Availability:
Bloom can be purchased for 199 € / $209 / £169. A free 20-day trial is available.

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