iZotope Trash Will Destroy Your Sound - In a Good Way

US Resissued, reworked, re-priced      12/03/24

iZotope Trash was originally released over 20 years ago - hard to believe eh? Trash's dirty multi-band distortion and mangling was a fan favourite. From full-on obvious processing to subtle, parallel processing.

Its back in its third incarnation and now and has a re-designed flow and modules. Its also having an introductory sale at $79 through April 16th after which it will return to $99/£95. Although loggin into your account mey reveal further loyalty discounts.

  • Trash module – Distort your sound with over 60 distortion types and blend between four of them on an intuitive XY pad
  • Convolve module – Morph and filter your sounds with over 600 creative impulse responses. Or, use the custom Impulse Response Loader to convolve with any audio file you want
  • Multiband – Customize across low, mid, and high frequency bands, with different combinations of Trash and Convolve
  • Envelope Follower – Bring powerful movement to your sound, and unlock endless distortion possibilities with simple modulation for the Trash module and Scream filter
  • Randomize – Roll the dice to randomly select presets, sounds for Trash and Convolve XY pads, and XY pad positioning
  • iPad support – AUv3 version compatible with Logic Pro for iPad
  • Free Trash Lite mode – Get a free taste of destruction with Lite mode, which includes the Trash module, Randomize, and the Autogain/Limiter

There's also an iPad version $19.99 / €22.99 / £19.99


Plug-in Boutique also have a Trash sale running: https://www.pluginboutique.com/deals/show?sale_id=15800 [affiliate link]

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