NAMM 22: iZotope Neutron 4 Brings AI Mix Smarts

US Smarter and more efficient channel, bus and mix processing      07/06/22

iZotope announced the release of Neutron 4 during NAMM  - the mix, bus and channel processing suite that brings new levels of AI and machine learning smarts to the DAW.

Now with  a total of 8 plug-ins  - the mothership and 7 components. You can use them individually or combined into the master plug-in, up to you.

Neutron is also now M1 silicon native, as well as cross platform (AAX, AU, VST3. All plug-in formats are 64-bit only. Note: VST2 is no longer supported) with the Visual Mixer and Relay to help the plug-ins talk to each other.

Available as part of their Music Production Suite or as a separate purchase introductory price of $299 (from £399)
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