Tiptop Audio Releases ART-equipped Modules

US The potential of musical harmony fully enabled in a hardware modular synthesizer      29/02/24

Tiptop Audio has  released the first set of ART-equipped modules, marking the first time this technology is ready for purchase. They tell us that they  are starting with the release of the ATX1 Analog VCO, Vortex Digital OSC, Octopus USB/MIDI interface, ART V/OCT Quantizer, and Control Path dual analog envelopes plus VCA, but have also created two bundles of these modules that offer an outstanding discount to celebrate the event. These bundles are time-limited and available while supplies last. Here's more details from the company...

On our website, we have dedicated the ART landing page as the knowledge base HQ for ART. There, you will find plenty of educational videos, module video manuals, and uploaded video playlists of music filmed during beta testing. ART is simple to use and easy to understand, and with those videos, we made sure all aspects and potential misinformation have been addressed. Additionally, more information is in the process of being added in the coming days for both DIY enthusiasts and module makers on how to implement ART, including a free reference design that adds ART to Mutable Instruments Braids and Plaits.

The creative process of making music on a modular synthesizer is a unique tactile and aural experience. With ART modules, we are entering the territory of tunable instruments and polyphonic multi-timbral compositions but with the sound design power and immediate interface of a modular synthesizer. The initial release focuses on the mono VCOs that you can use to build voices quickly or combine for discrete polyphony. Very soon, we will extend the lineup with the fully polyphonic ART modules and the release of the Polytip patch cable.

Pricing and Availability:
The Analog Bundle S1: $945 Save 33% (time limited, while supplies last)

The Analog Bundle S2: $999 Save 33% (time limited, while supplies last)

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