Instant Drum Breaks

US Excite Audio announces Bloom Drum Breaks virtual instrument (VST/AU/AAX)      28/02/24

Instant Drum Breaks

Excite Audio says that Bloom Drum Breaks fuses high-energy drum loops, fills and one-shots into a dynamic and playable instrument, made to infuse your tracks with rhythmic vitality and designed to provide for genres that thrive on rhythm.

A spokesperson told us, "Whether you're looking to add the pulsating grooves of drum and bass, the intricate intensity of breakcore, or the laid-back beats of hip-hop, this tool offers a gateway to crafting beats with unprecedented ease and versatility."

Excite Audio's Bloom Drum Breaks is available now from in VST/AU/AAX formats for the introductory price of £39 / €39 / $39. Or via Rent To Own for 12 payments of £3.29 / €3.29 / $3.29. Here's more details direct from the company...

What Can Bloom Drum Breaks Do?

  • Add rhythm to your tracks with powerful drum breaks
  • Manipulate and blend breaks for any genre
  • Sculpt unique top loops and percussive patterns
  • Create compelling drum sequences from kits and one-shots
  • Provide access to meticulously crafted recreations of classic breaks


Instantly find the perfect drum break for your tracks. With Bloom Drum Breaks, switch between authentic royalty-free loops to concoct distinctive rhythms, amplify their impact with extensive modulation, and shape them with a suite of drum-focused effect processors.

Selecting the perfect drum break for your project is now an intuitive, and enjoyable experience, offering seamless keyboard control for triggering and tweaking sounds. Four macro controls deliver immediate effects processing, while the Edit page unlocks comprehensive customisation, featuring precise control over sample editing, beat manipulation, and effects across 250 presets.

How It Works
Start in your desired tempo, choose a sample bank or preset, and trigger one of 14 bpm-synced drum loops spread across two octaves. White notes set off drum samples and loops, while black notes alter properties like playback speed and pitch, as well as trigger custom sequences and effect modulation. Four powerful macro controls govern a specialized chain of effects, fine-tuned to the diverse drum samples that form the instrument.

There are eight banks of sounds to choose from, and the sounds in each bank can be rearranged and swapped out. Trigger a sample with a MIDI white note to set the groove in motion, or use the Phrase Player to integrate the sample into a dynamic sequence. This Phrase Player isn't just about triggering rhythms – it's a tool for sculpting and modulating effect properties, enabling each bank to produce a vast spectrum of rhythmic textures.

The Edit Page: Forge Your Rhythm
Bloom Drum Breaks' Edit page is your control centre for tailoring its sample material, allowing you to tweak, chop and rearrange any of the existing drum samples and make them uniquely yours.

In the Sample Edit panel, manipulate how the 14 source samples in each bank respond. Adjust sample start and endpoints, trigger types, playback direction, and speed. Fine-tune pitch, formant, attack, and release, and explore choke groupings for intricate rhythmic interactions.

The Phrase Player sequences drum samples with various modes at your disposal. Assign one of the five black keys to trigger a pattern of chops or loops and create dynamic curves for pitch, velocity, filters, and all three effects: Saturation, Noise, and Dynamics.

Complex setups are made simple, allowing you to trigger various drum sounds and evolve their characteristics throughout each sequence. Traditional arpeggiator functions, such as Rate, Latching, and Swing, provide a familiar yet powerful foundation for your workflow.

Bloom Drum Breaks includes three bespoke effects modules: Saturation, for adding warmth and character; Noise, for textural layers and grit; and Dynamics, for precise control over the punch and presence of your beats. These rearrangeable effects modules offer integral processing for reimagining and shaping your drum breaks presenting essential controls upfront, with expandability for in-depth tweaking.


  • 14 Sample Keys
  • 5 Factory Modifiers: Half-time, Double-Time, Reverse, Octave Down, Octave Up
  • 5 Custom Modifiers
  • 8 Sample Banks / 112 Drum Phrases
  • Samples Synced to Host BPM
  • Key Selection
  • Sample Randomise
  • 4 Macros: Digital, Lo-Fi, Slap Verb, Phaser
  • 5 Main FX Parameters: Saturation, Dynamics, Noise, Lo-Cut, Hi-Cut
  • Global Bypass
  • 250 presets
  • VST/AU/AAX plugin for PC and Mac

Pricing and Availability:
Bloom Drum Breaks introductory price: £39 / €39 / $39
Bloom Drum Breaks regular price: £59 / €59 / $59
Bloom Drum Breaks Lite introductory price: £19 / €19 / $19
Bloom Drum Breaks Lite regular price: £29 / €29 / $29
Excite Audio Bundle (With Bloom Drum Breaks & Vocal Aether Added)
MSRP = £299 / €299 / $299
Promo = £179 / €179 / $179
Bloom Drum Breaks Crossgrade from any Full Bloom Product MSRP = £39 / €39 / $39 Intro Promo = £29 / €29 / $29 (25% off)

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