Excite Audio Releases Bloom Vocal Aether

US Combines vocal loops, one-shots and phrases into a playable instrument      30/01/24

Excite Audio tells us that Bloom Vocal Aether combines vocal loops, one-shots and phrases into a playable instrument and has been engineered and curated to provide a stunning sonic experience out of the box. They say that phrases can be triggered, transformed and rearranged to add a unique emotional element to your music -- all in key and in time with your project. Here's the details direct from the company...

What Can Bloom Vocal Aether Do?

  • Instantly add vocals to bring your tracks alive
  • Produce ear-catching phrases and motifs
  • Create beautiful breathy textures
  • Edit together energetic, chopped-up hooks


No more searching through vocal samples, with Bloom: Vocal Aether, you can switch between phrases to create unique hooks, build huge FX modulation to pull your listeners in and transform it all with a chain of vocal-specific processors.

Choosing the perfect vocals for your project is now a playable and spontaneous experience, with easy keyboard control over triggering sounds and modifying their properties. Four macro controls handle immediate processing, while the Edit page opens up in-depth possibilities, with precise control over sample editing, phrase performance, and effects across 250 presets.

How It Works

Choose your key signature, select a bank or a preset and trigger one of 14 bpm-synced phrases spread across 2 octaves. White notes trigger samples and loops, while black notes change properties like playback speed and tuning as well as trigger custom-made sequences and effect modulation. Four macro controls command a curated chain of effects, their settings expertly tuned to samples that form the instrument.

There are eight banks of sounds to choose from, and the sounds in each bank can be rearranged and swapped out. Each sound in each bank, triggered by a MIDI white note, plays a sample that can also be incorporated into a sequence by the Phrase Player. As well as playback, this Phrase Player also has the ability to control and modulate effects properties, making each bank capable of an enormous range of sounds.

The Edit Page: Go Deeper

Bloom: Vocal Aether's Edit page also lets you take ultimate control over its sample material, allowing you to tweak any of the existing sounds and make them your own.

In the Sample Edit panel, you can change how the 14 source samples in a bank behave. Set sample start and end points, trigger type, playback direction and speed. Sample properties like pitch and fine-tuning, formant control, and attack and release are all available, alongside choke grouping.

The Phrase Player sequences sample playback, and has multiple modes of operation. Assign one of the five black keys to trigger a pattern of samples and create curves for pitch, velocity, hi- and lo-cut filters, and all three effects. Complex setups are straightforward, letting you trigger various samples and evolve their properties over the length of each sequence. Traditional arpeggiator functions like Rate, Latching and Swing mean you'll be in familiar territory.


  • 250 curated presets offer a huge variety of vocal phrases and textures
  • Play vocal motifs with the white notes of your keyboard
  • Select your musical key to keep all results in harmony with your track
  • Alter a sound's properties and playback using the black notes of your keyboard
  • Transform your vocal effects with four pre-assigned macro controls
  • Drag and drop sounds from any bank to make custom playable setups
  • Comprehensive sample editing features to adapt source playback
  • Alter sample triggering mode, playback speed, pitch and formant
  • Trigger a pattern of samples with the Phrase Player and automate Pitch, Velocity, Delay, Modulation, Reverb, Lo-Cut and Hi-Cut parameters.
  • VST/AU/AAX plugin for PC and Mac

Pricing and Availability:
Excite Audio's Bloom Vocal Aether is available now from pluginboutique.com in VST/AU/AAX formats for the introductory price of £39 / €39 / $39. Or via Rent To Own for 12 payments of £3.29 / €3.29 / $3.29.

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