NAMM 2024: MIDI Manufacturers Association

US Latest news on MIDI 2.0      29/01/24

At NAMM 2024, Pete from Microsoft discussed the progress of MIDI 2.0 integration with the Windows operating system. Microsoft is set to release a new MIDI stack with features such as multi-client support, app-to-app MIDI, virtual MIDI, and scriptable automation. They are also working on incorporating RTP MIDI and Network MIDI 2.0 into the stack. Pete showcased a monitoring tool that comes with the MIDI stack, which allows users to view and record notes, as well as send SysEx and individual messages. Microsoft is collaborating with companies like Bremers Audio and Steinberg to ensure MIDI 2.0 support on Windows. The MIDI 2.0 protocol offers high resolution and expressivity for musicians, with support from manufacturers and positive responses from users. The MIDI Association is actively engaging with companies and building specifications to enhance the musician's experience. Their goal is widespread adoption and the expansion of MIDI 2.0 capabilities in the industry.


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