NAMM 2024: Folktek - Resonant Garden

US Beautiful electro-acoustic instrument for ambient strangeness      29/01/24

At NAMM 2024, Sonic State had the opportunity to explore Folktek's latest creation, the Resonant Garden. Jeff demonstrated the electro-acoustic resonating instrument which boasts an intuitive design that encourages tactile interaction. Users can tap anywhere on the instrument to generate sound, and the Resonant Garden sends it through three effects processors. Each processor features seven distinct effects, providing a diverse sonic palette. The effects can be seamlessly changed by tapping on the hexagon interface, allowing for real-time experimentation.

Jeff talked to us about Folk Tech's recent developments, with the revelation that the company has undergone some company changes, and Resonant Garden represents a flagship product in Folk Tech's reintroduction to the market under new management. The instrument promises not only the revival of some classic designs but also the introduction of newer models that were previously unreleased.

Resonant Garden Price: 959 GBP


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