NAMM 2024: Nord - Nord Grand 2

US The return of the Nord Grand, but now even grander      27/01/24

At NAMM 2024, Sonic State had the opportunity to catch up with Matt at the Nord booth, where he presented the latest iteration of the Nord Grand, aptly named the Nord Grand 2. With four years since the release of the original Nord Grand, the Grand 2 boasts exciting updates that elevate the playing experience. The standout enhancement is the incorporation of a new generation of Kawai premium hammer action keybed, now featuring a triple sensor for heightened responsiveness. The layout of the Grand 2 is reminiscent of the Nord Stage 4, offering two independent layers with LED faders for both the piano and sample sections, allowing musicians to effortlessly layer up to four elements simultaneously. Matt delves into the details of the new dynamic compression in the piano section, designed to reduce the dynamic range without sacrificing the nuances of the piano sound. Additionally, he introduces the added unison feature to enhance EP sounds. The effects section sees significant improvements, now allowing independent effects for each layer, providing musicians with greater flexibility in sound shaping. Matt concludes the walkthrough with a demonstration of the choral reverb, a new addition that contributes to the evolving realism and feel of the Nord Grand 2. 

Nord Grand 2 Shipping: Soon. Price: 4,499 USD

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