NAMM 2024: Groove Synthesis - 3rd Wave Desktop

US A new desktop version plus the 1.7 OS update with MPE      27/01/24

At NAMM 2024, we met with Kurt from Groove Synthesis to explore the latest offering from the company, the Third Wave Desktop, featuring the new 1.7 operating system update. This update brings significant enhancements to the synth, including an improved virtual analog waveform oscillator and the incorporation of sequential Prophet VS wavetables. A major addition is MPE support and Kurt showed us the modulation routings for MPE parameters, allowing users to leverage Y-axis control and polyphonic aftertouch, bringing expressive capabilities to the forefront.

Kurt also demonstrated the more gnarly side of the 3rd Wave by disabling interpolation and navigating through individual parts of the wave for glitchy effects. The synth is not limited to virtual analog sounds; it offers FM modulation with 3-operator FM capabilities, providing users with a diverse sonic palette.

3rd Wave Desktop Available now. Price: 3,495 USD

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