NAMM 2024: Roswell - Micparts - Mini K47x - Mini K67x

US Boutique microphones which come with a solder-your-own option      26/01/24

At NAMM 2024, Sonic State caught up with Matthew at Roswell Pro Audio to get a look at their new microphone offerings. Matt's other company is Mic Parts, a company that specializes in DIY microphone kits, and they have a line of small diaphragm mics that they were showcasing at NAMM. These small diaphragm mics all share the same housing but come in three different variations, one based on the Schoeps CMC 5, one based on the Neumann KM84, and the third called the Snare Mic which is designed specifically for capturing snare drum recordings and features input attenuation, high-pass filtering, and output attenuation to handle the loud levels produced by the snare drum.

If soldering isn't your thing, Roswell Pro Audio offers a fully built line of microphones. They recently introduced two new additions to their Mini-K line, the 47x and the 67x. These large diaphragm mics are small in size and each feature different voicings, circuit designs, and capsules. The Mini K47x has a vintage voicing with bloom in the upper mid-range, while the Mini K67x has a carefully tuned capsule designed to give a flat response throughout the entire range, helping combat nasality and sibilance without relying on electronic EQ. Both mics use high-quality components and feature a large output transformer. 

Mini K47x and Mini K67xPrice: 383 GBP

Snare Mic Price 499 USD

SDC Microphone Kit - Schoeps CMC5 Style Price: 359 USD

SDC-84 Microphone Kit - Neumann KM84 Style Price: 279 USD



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