NAMM 2024: NUGEN Audio - AB Assist 2

US New utility tools from NUGEN      26/01/24

At NAMM 2024, Sonic State caught up with Freddie from NUGEN Audio to take a look at their latest offerings. Freddie showcased some of the new utility tools they have introduced over the past year. One of the highlights is the **AB Assist 2**, the newest version of their AB comparison plugin. It allows users to compare two different audio sources, such as takes, mixes, masters, or signal chains, with the option for blind testing and randomization. Another noteworthy tool is **Aligner**, an automatic phase alignment plugin that ensures the phase alignment of multiple audio sources. Freddie recommends using it piecemeal, especially for complex setups like a drum kit with multiple microphones. Finally, they presented **Jotter**, a note-taking collaboration tool that allows time-stamped notes within a session, facilitating communication and reducing confusion between collaborators.

All of these new tools are available individually, priced approximately at $49 each. However, for a limited time, NUGEN Audio is offering a free plugin for customers who complete their customer survey on the website. The standalone version of Jotter is also available for those who may not work within a DAW. Overall, NUGEN Audio's new utility tools provide practical solutions for audio professionals, enhancing workflows and facilitating collaboration.



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