NAMM 2023: NUGEN Audio - Jotter - Halo Vision

US New software to aid communication between you and your clients      15/04/23

Freddy from NUGEN Audio introduced us to Jotter, a utility plugin that has been designed for sharing notes, comments, and feedback with clients. It is available in two versions: a paid-for license plugin and a free standalone version. When a client wants to provide feedback on a mix, they can import the audio into the standalone version of Jotter, make comments directly on the waveform, and export the file as a CSV. Clients can then send the CSV to the audio engineer, who can import it into Jotter within their Pro Tools session, enabling them to view the comments with their respective time codes. Jotter can also be used as a dynamic to-do list. The free version of Jotter is a standalone bit of software that can be used by anyone, even those who do not work within a DAW.

In addition to Jotter, NUGEN Audio have also released Halo Vision, a comprehensive analysis for 3D and immersive audio with customizable, real-time visual analysis.

Jotter Price: 49 USD

Halo Vision Price 299 USD

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