NAMM 2024: Modal - Carbon 8

US Modal's new synth has twice the power of previous models      26/01/24

Christian from Modal Electronics unveiled their latest synthesizer, the Carbon 8, at NAMM 2024. This synthesizer is the culmination of Modal's years of experience and knowledge in developing wavetable and virtual analog synthesizers. The Carbon 8 boasts a sound engine that is twice as powerful as their previous models, the Argon 8 and Cobalt 8. It features two distinctive oscillators that generate up to 56 digital core waveforms, allowing users to mix algorithms and wavetables in one synthesizer. The Carbon 8 is designed to cater to modern music styles with rough, edgy sounds, while still offering features like a sequencer, arpeggiator, and various effects. 

For more information on the Carbon 8 and other Modal Electronics products, you can visit their website. Stay tuned for updates on future projects from Modal at events like Superbooth. And for existing customers, Modal will continue to provide customer support and their app, which will be updated with a Carbon 8 version upon release.

Carbon 8 Available: Summer 2024. Price 1,099 USD


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