NAMM 2024: JoeCo - Band-Mate

US 24 Channel playback device that can even control your lighting      26/01/24

At NAMM 2024, Sonic State met with Joe Bull from JoeCo to talk about their new product, the BandMate. The Band-Mate is a 24 channel output playback device designed for small bands to use during gigs. It's intended to enable the incorporation of stems into a live mix, combined with the ability to control lighting rigs or change guitar pedal settings using the MIDI output. The Band-Mate comes with an app that runs on Mac or PC, which allows users to create songs and assign specific sounds and program changes to each output. Once the setlist is created, it can be transferred to the Band-Mate system via a USB stick.

Band-Mate Available April 2023. Price 1,500 USD



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