NAMM 2023: JoeCo - Bandmate

US Dedicated playback of 24 chanels plus MIDI for small bands      14/04/23

At NAMM 2023, Sonic State caught up with Joe from JoeCo Ltd, producers of the Black Box and Blue Box ranges of multitrack recording and playback devices for live performance and broadcast. Joe showed us a 64 channel unit with Dante input for real-time playback, a 24 channel unit with analog outputs for playback, and a multi-microphone unit for recording.

Joe then introduced their latest product, Band-Mate, a dedicated playback device with 24 channels and MIDI capabilities, aimed at small bands who need to go out and perform their job repeatedly with live assistance. It's in development at the moment but will be released towards the end of Q3. The bright screens make it easy to see what's happening from the other side of the stage. The loading app will allow users to directly plug in a thumb drive with the raw tracks from Pro Tools, which will be renamed sensibly, and the device can ensure that each track always comes out on the same channel. Black Box's new product seems to be a promising solution for small bands, and the possibility of redundancy makes it even more reliable for live shows. For more information on the Black Box range, visit their website.

Band-Mate - Available Autumn 2023

Price TBC

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