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US Newfangled Audio releases Circulate      24/01/24

Newfangled Audio, an Eventide Audio distributed brand, has released Recirculate, which they describe as distilling the essence of what a feedback echo should be into a sophisticated yet intuitive delay plug-in.

Dan Gillespie, founder and owner of Newfangled Audio, told us, "We wanted to make the easiest and best echo for mixing. A delay plug-in that would easily add depth to your mixes and create beautiful echoes that always sit just right in the mix."

Tony Agnello, managing director of Eventide, added, "We all have our favorite delay plugin. I expect Recirculate to replace many of them. It's perfect. Newfangled Audio nailed it."

Here's more details direct from the two companies...

Recirculate accomplishes those goals with a singularly unique blend of independent timing controls, desirable delay behaviors and a curated suite of character and sound-shaping tools, all managed by simple and direct creative control that effortlessly delivers track depth and dimension and simple to complex rhythmic echoes.
Recirculate's control and processing options include independently adjustable initial delays and repeats for unparalleled rhythmic diversity; flexible delay behaviors for creative versatility; perfect timing through sync alignment with note values, steps, or milliseconds; high- and low-cut filters with morphable shape adjustment; transient design; built-in compression, ducking and gating; 28 selectable character and noise combinations for adding distinctive personality; sublime reverb perfect for creating diffuse repeats or lush tails; soundstage definition for depth and dimension, and adjustable dry/FX blend.


Pricing and Availability:
Newfangled Audio's Recirculate plug-in is available immediately for $99 (USD), or at just $49 as a special introductory loyalty discount exclusively available to owners of Newfangled Audio and Eventide plug-ins.

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