Stylophone Pitch Theremin

US With FX, trigger button and speaker      06/01/24

London-based Dubreq Ltd, known for their iconic Stylophone pocket synthesizer - originally released in 1968,  has announced he Stylophone Pitch Theremin.

Retaining its vintage retro charm, the Stylophone Pitch Theremin as well as working as you'd expect of a Theremin, Dubreq have added  a slider control for precise notes, delay and vibrato effects, octave control, and various tone options which add to the  the instrument's playability and sound sculpting options.

The Stylophon Pitch Theremin adds a crunchy echoing delay, plus vibrato and trigger buttons make it easier fot rhythmic playing and additional expression.

Stylophone Theremin is powered by AA batteries and has  a built-in speaker. They say  "No Theremin experience is required – just pick it up and play"

Key Features:

  •  Antenna for creating movement-based sound
  • Slider for precise notes and moving melodies
  • Create drones or trigger notes
  • Wobbly vibrato circuit
  • Echoing delay for added depth
  • Portable AA battery design for on-the-go play
  • Built-in speaker for immediate audio output
  • Headphone and audio output for versatile connectivity
  • Can be used with a mic stand for enhanced convenience

The Stylophone Theremin is currently available for pre-order - available later this quarter, with an approximate price of $110, €100, £90.

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