EarthQuaker Devices' Low Signal Shredder

US New Blumes stompbox is an overdrive optimised for bass sounds      04/01/24

EarthQuaker Devices has released the Blumes, which they say is an overdrive based on the same classic tube amp-like gain circuit as the Plumes, but optimised for bass players extended range instruments. It incorporates all the same three clipping options and key characteristics of the Plumes, but EarthQuaker Devices have modified the circuit to offer twice the gain, a deeper bass response, and better retain the signal's low end.

A spokesperson told us, "Lower gain settings yield the crunchy tone of the original, but above noon on the Gain knob, the similarities end, making this a pedal with a voice of it's own."

Here's a brief summary direct from the company...

Blumes is an all-analog tri-mode soft clipping bass overdrive that carries the torch of the classic screamer circuit but has a voice all its own. While embodying most of the characteristics and features of our beloved Plumes Small Signal Shredder, this modified circuit has double the gain and a deeper bass response to retain all the low end. It utilizes internal bipolar power, which gives you more dynamics and all the headroom you could ever desire. The end result is a three-dimensional tone with added clarity that really pushes a nice tube amp over the edge.

Pricing and Availability:
$99 / €129.00 / £115

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