BAF 2024: EarthQuaker Devices - Wave Transformer

US Oscillator module with a unique take on waveshaping      30/01/24

At BAF 2024 Sonic State had the opportunity to speak with Karl from EarthquakerDevices about their latest release, The Wave Transformer oscillator. This complex single oscillator is fully analog and features a unique wave shaping circuit called Transform. Unlike traditional wave folders, Transform breaks the waveform apart, applies voltage math, and reassembles it on the output, resulting in an asymmetric crumpled waveform with added harmonics. The Wave Transformer offers seven different outputs and nine inputs, providing plenty of versatility for modulation and sound design.

The Wave Transformer also offers both hard and soft sync options, each providing their own sonic flavours, and by utilizing bipolar signals, users can achieve different sync sounds and even create filtering effects.

The Wave Transformer is available now. Price 199 USD



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