Audiomovers Launches New Year Collection

US Six New Year bundles for audio professionals and studios      04/01/24

Audiomovers Launches New Year Collection

Audiomovers has launched the New Year Collection, containing six new bundles, covering different audio production workflows with a focus on immersive content production.

Dominika Dronska, Ops Director of Audiomovers, told us, "After a successful 2023 where we delivered a portfolio of ground-breaking immersive production tools, we wanted to present packs designed around particular working scenarios; multi-room studios, mixing for Apple Music, monitoring, routing and sharing Dolby Atmos content, as well as recording and production workflows. We are focused on serving the needs of our loyal base, and continuing to innovate to super-charge audio professionals."

Here's the details direct from the company...
The Studio Suite - $3999.99

  • 6x 'seats' (licenses) of The Audiomovers Suite
  • (Total value of $4979.94)

 The Audiomovers Suite - $649.99

  • 3 years of LISTENTO Pro
  • Binaural Renderer
  • (Total value of $829.99)

 The Immersive Suite - $329.99

  • 1 year of LISTENTO pro
  •  Binaural Renderer
  •  (Total value of $429.99)


 LISTENTO + Renderer - $224.99

  • LISTENTO Pro annual subscription
  • Binaural Renderer
  • (Total value of $279.99)

 Production Essentials - $199.99

  • LISTENTO Pro annual subscription
  •  (Total value of $249.99)

 Immersive Essentials - $184.99

  •  Binaural Renderer
  •  (Total value of $229.99)

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