Best-Selling Electronic Gear On Reverb 2023

US Teenage Engineering OP-1, Polyend Tracker, Roland SP-404MKII, and many more      13/12/23

Best-Selling Electronic Gear On Reverb 2023

Music gear marketplace Reverb tells us that, at any given time, they have nearly 2 million pieces of music gear available for sale -- and every year, the approx. 2 million music makers that utilize the platform purchase a whole lot of it.

With 2023 coming to a close, Reverb took a look at the data to determine the best-selling electronic gear of the year, excluding gear that's exclusively for sale on Reverb, on sale for exclusive-to-Reverb prices, or otherwise benefitted from exclusive promotions on their site. Here's the results direct from the company...

  • The Teenage Engineering OP-1 continues to reign supreme for the fifth straight year.
  • Roland's SP-404MKII, released this year, took home the silver medal as the second-best seller of the year overall, and second in terms of electronic gear released this year. First on that list? Teenage Engineering's PO-33.
  • Polyend's Tracker didn't make the cut last year, but, thanks to a timely discount in August, the Tracker rose to 19 overall. Quite the jump!
  • Looking at used electronic gear, the top of the list features some real star power:


1. Teenage Engineering OP-1
2. Elektron Digitakt
3. Korg MicroKorg
4. Elektron Digitone
5. Make Noise Maths

Check Out The Full List:


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