Daptone Records Gear For Sale On Reverb

US Includes a Trident Series 65 console and a tape machine used on Amy Winehouse's Back to Black      10/11/22

Daptone Records Gear For Sale On Reverb

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Reverb, the largest online marketplace dedicated to buying and selling new, used, and vintage musical instruments, announced today that Daptone Records--the musician-owned and run indie label that aided the careers of iconic artists like Amy Winehouse, Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars, Sharon Jones, Charles Bradley, and more--will sell a collection of music gear on Reverb. Beginning November 16, fans can shop The Official Daptone Records Reverb Shop and its collection of nearly 20 items, including a variety of tape recorders and a Trident 65 mixing console.

Since the early 2000s, Daptone Records has been championing classic sound and recording techniques. As true analog lovers, the label has amassed a collection of gear that's been on dozens of records. "Most of what I know about gear and sounds and recording, I learned at Daptone watching Gabe Roth," said seven-time Grammy-winning producer Mark Ronson. "From the Orban Spring Reverb to the RCA DX 77 to the Ampeg Gemini Amps, anything I could afford to buy that I saw there, I would get it. I would recommend you do the same."

The Official Daptone Records Reverb Shop will include a Trident Series 65 console used on almost every Daptone record from 2003-2020. Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings, Charles Bradley, Naomi Shelton, The Sugarman Three, The Menahan Street Band, and Antibalas have all been recorded with the console. The console is also on many outside sessions for Bruno Mars, Mark Ronson, Amy Winehouse, and more. Other music gear that will be available in The Official Daptone Records Reverb Shop includes:  

  • A TEAC Tascam Series 85-16 that, according to the label, was used to record hit tracks from Amy Winehouse, including "Back to Black," "You Know I'm No Good," "Rehab," "Valerie," "He Can Only Hold Her," and "Love Is a Losing Game." It was also used on recordings by The Roots, Michael Buble, Alicia Keys, Ariana Grande, Bruno Mars, and by Mark Ronson for the horn session on "Uptown Funk."
  • A Two Track Ampex 440-B that was the main mixer for most of Daptone's existence, utilized by Sharon Jones and more. The gear was also used to mix portions of  the soundtracks for the award-winning films The Wolf of Wall Street and American Gangster.
  • A Tascam MS16 that recorded The Olympians' self-titled debut and several other releases.
  • An Otari 50-50 1/2" 8 Track used while recording Sharon Jones, Sugarman 3, and Antibalas.


Over the years, Reverb has helped dozens of artists get their music gear into the hands of fans, including Peter Frampton, Mike Campbell, T Bone Burnett, and more.

To preview the gear that will be available in The Official Daptone Records Reverb Shop, and to sign up to be notified when the shop goes live on November 16, visit: https://reverb.com/news/the-official-daptone-records-reverb-shop-preview.


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