Synchro Arts Release Revoice Pro 5

US Vocal production studio has time alignment, pitch correction and doubling technology      12/12/23

Synchro Arts Release Revoice Pro 5

Synchro Arts, creator of VocAlign, has announce the release of Revoice Pro 5, the latest iteration of its vocal production software. They say that Revoice Pro 5 is poised to revolutionize the music and audio production industry with its unparalleled processing capabilities. Here's the details in their own words...

All-in-One Vocal Production Solution
Revoice Pro 5 stands as the definitive suite of powerful tools designed to perfect every aspect of a vocal or dialogue performance. Its capabilities extend from time alignment to applying precise pitch correction, and effortlessly creating natural-sounding vocal doubles. Revoice boasts intelligence features, with SmartAlign and newly added SmartPitch, that understand when to match your backing vocals in regards to timing and pitch, and crucially when not to; a new, game-changing approach to processing large vocal stacks of doubles and harmonies instantly. Revoice delivers on the promise to save time and cater to the needs of modern-day audio professionals; streamlining workflows and enhancing creative freedom.

Tighten vocal stacks with time alignment Revoice Pro 5 features advanced vocal alignment technology that ensures tight, professional-grade vocal stacks. The software's powerful processing technology allows users to adjust alignment strength, ensuring full control over the production process.

Advanced, precise pitch correction
Revoice Pro now boasts the most transparent and advanced pitch correction tools available. The innovative Shaper Tool enables meticulous vocal tuning, while the SmartPitch feature intuitively adjusts your whole vocal stack for flawless pitch accuracy across multiple doubles and harmonies, automatically.

Vocal doubler for huge vocals
Baked into Revoice Pro 5 is a state-of-the-art vocal doubler that effortlessly creates authentic vocal doubles. This feature is perfect for instances where a double was not captured in the studio, enabling the creation of rich, thick vocal stacks with parameters to dial in the perfect double.

Here's what users can expect of Revoice Pro 5:

  • 25+ years of superior audio processing technology that is trusted by industry professionals, and used in the most prolific studios and post-production houses
  • Enhanced pitch, timing and level tools that makes complex editing easy
  • Advanced time alignment processing for tight vocal stacks in seconds
  • The industry's most-natural pitch correction technology for artifact-free vocals, including new feature Shaper Tool and Control Points for superfast editing
  • New feature, SmartPitch, intelligently understands when to match vocal doubles and harmonies  and when to maintain their pitch according to the lead
  • Natural-sounding doubler with parameters to dial in the perfect vocal double
  • Improved, lightning-fast DAW connectivity makes it a breeze to get audio in and out
  • Plus more processing features such as Formant Shifting and Sibilance Editing
  • Standalone program for dedicated session processing
  • ARA-compatible for seamless DAW integration
  • 2 activations per license

Pricing and Availability:
Revoice Pro 5 will be available for purchase starting December 12th from and most major dealers. Get a free 14 day trial or purchase with a 33% off introductory offer and Revoice Pro 4 owners can claim a 50% off upgrade discount for a limited-time only (expiring 02 January 2024).

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