Presentation: Synchro Arts Vocalign Ultra

US Tighten up your vocal tracks - quickly      25/02/21

Synchro Arts VocAlign technology has been around for a while, in the film industry its been used for ADR (syncing voice overs with locally recorded dialogue) for many years and in fact one a Technical Academy Award last month.

It also has found its way into music production  - the Advanced Timing and Pitch Alignment making conforming vocal tracks a lot simpler.

The new  VocAlign Ultra - uses the same high end tech  found in VocAlign Pro  and can be used for tightening vocal double tracks, or backing vocals. A process which can take a seriously long time when done by hand, and something that modern vocal production techniques feature heavily.

We had a session with  Joel from Synchro Arts who showed us what VocAlign Ultra can do.  Its especially integrated into DAWs which support the ARA API - Logic, Studio One, 
Incidentally, there's a 30% off deal happening right now (till Feb28th), normally £285 - its reduced to £199.

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