AKG BX Studio Spring Reverb Emulated

US Klanghelm releases TENS and TENS jr.      30/11/23

AKG BX Studio Spring Reverb Emulated

Klanghelm has released their first reverb-plugin, TENS, after 3.5 years of development. Here's the story in their own words...

TENS has been modeled after the range of high-end studio spring reverbs from a famous Austrian company introduced in the 1970s to early 1980s. A free little brother named TENS jr. is available as well. Due to the unique design principles used in this reverb range, it has its very own sound and is greatly different from traditional spring reverbs found in guitar amps or synths. With its very dense and organic character it might be the missing link between plate and traditional spring reverbs in terms of sound character.

TENS provides extensive modulation capabilities to add movement or out of this world sounds. Each continuous parameter can be modulated by an LFO or envelope follower. The envelope follower also offer external sidechaining. The modulation section enables TENS to achieve e.g. chorus, vibrato, tremolo, phaser-like effects or combinations of these. The envelope follower can be used e.g. for ducking or shaping the dynamics.

The Metallic, Whoosh and Tension controls enable the user to deeply alter the character of the actual reverb model. The range of decay/reverb times has been extended to 200 milliseconds - 40 seconds.

Furthermore, an amp section is included to add some additional flavor or to drive the reverb into full distortion.

From small, claustrophobic room-like reverbs to large evolving ambient spaces - everything is possible.

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