Audiolatry Releases RetroSynth

US Instrument for MacOS and Windows with 87 ready-to-use multi-sampled presets.      29/11/23

Audiolatry describes RetroSynth as a straightforward and versatile instrument plugin with 87 ready-to-use multi-sampled presets. This is what they have to say about it:

Explore reimagined classic synth sounds like keys, leads, plucks, and pads, all meticulously designed and sampled from vintage synthesizers and spiced up with various effects for a retro-modern vibe.

Adjust your sound effortlessly with RetroSynth's user-friendly interface. Tweak your melodies with the ADSR envelope, fine-tune tones with the filter cutoff, and add movement with LFO modulation. It's easy to bring your musical ideas to life.

RetroSynth comes with some useful built-in effects. You can give your sounds space with reverb, add richness with chorus, create depth with delay, and add a touch of grit with distortion.

Whether you're into Electronic or Synthwave, Pop or EDM, RetroSynth adds a touch of vintage charm to your tracks.

RetroSynth is a practical tool for capturing classic synth vibes in a modern context. Keep it simple, keep it retro, and let your music speak for itself!


  •         799 MB extracted size / 692 MB download size
  •         87 multi-sampled presets (keys, synths, pads, leads, plucks, bells)
  •         ADSR section
  •         lowpass/highpass filter cutoff
  •         LFO modulation section
  •         voice mode & glide
  •         velocity curve & MIDI velocity selectors
  •         chorus module
  •         distortion module
  •         delay module
  •         reverb module
  •         cabinet module
  •         global gain & pan
  •         100% royalty-free
  •         VST/VST3 64-bit Windows & VST/VST3 & AU macOS

Pricing and Availability:
On offer at €7,99 EUR (Regular price: €28,00 EUR)

There is also a free version called LITE, with fewer presets (8 in total).

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