Abletunes Releases Retrotape

US Plugin emulates the sound of a cassette deck      21/11/23

Abletunes has announced Retrotape, a new plugin that they say is designed to bring the warmth, character, and imperfections of cassette tape to modern music production.

A spokesperson told us, "With a comprehensive set of controls, Retrotape provides users with the ability to infuse their tracks with signature saturation, distortion, noise, and color, effortlessly capturing the character of cassette tape. This flexibility, coupled with complete control, offers nuanced adjustments and the potential for extreme tones."

Key Features:
- Age Knob: Simulates tape degradation and reading head wear, enhancing tracks with vintage character.
- Bias Knob: Fine-tunes the tonal balance.
- Dirt Knob: Introduces saturation and distortion, replicating the recording and output overloads.
- Frequency Response Slider: Creates unique EQ variations by imbalancing stereo frequencies to mimic tape degradation.
- Emulate Cassette Deck Mechanics: 'Depth,' 'Rate,' and 'Jitter' knobs replicate mechanical wobbles, power supply issues, and aging effects.
- Tape Head Azimuth Alignment: Adds phasing, volume, and frequency imperfections.
- Noise Types: Choose from three noise types for extra authenticity.

Pricing and Availability:
On offer at $31.85 (Regular price: $49)

More information:


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