Sonic LAB: Yamaha DM3 Digital Mixer

US The Gas is strong with this one...      13/11/23

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Editor Nick takes a look at the new and extremely cute Yamaha DM3 Digital console. Its a small footprint version of their larger format DM7 console and is built in true Yamaha touring grade.

Thew DM8  has 16 physical XLR inputs (ch 13-16 with combi jacks), 18 USB returns (on board USB interface), 16 Dante inputs (with Dante version), 2ch USB stick playback and 2 Stereo FX.

The on board USB interface offers 18 I/O that can be routed from channel outputs, any of the 6 Mix Bus outs, 2x Matrix sends or the stereo out. Strangely its only 48kHz or 96kHz though, no 44.1kHz.

Each channel input has 5 band EQ, HPF, 2x dynamic processors (Gate/Ducker) and Compressor, sends for all busses. Each output has 5 band EQ, Compressor and 32 band Graphic EQ.

Routing is as flexible as one would hope, with any of the inputs routeable to any of the available 22 channels, and the outputs can be sent to any of the 8 OMNI outputs, USB sends, Dante (when included)

Its a delightfully compact and well made piece of hardware, with 9 high quality 100mm motorized faders, with a decent touch screen and the effects are fine, unless you are looking for shimmer reverbs and more complex DSP effects. 

The base model (£1495/$1699) only allows for analogue or USB inputs, so you wont be able to run a remote stage box unless you go for the Dante equipped version (£1999/$1999) in which case you will need a Dante (audio networking prototcol) stagebox which would set you back around £1K/$1k, but without, the amount of cabling you would need will be significant.

I really like the features and the hardware, but cant help but wish they would have gone down the card slot route, like many of the other Yamaha digital mixers and allow for ADAT., AES50, AES or whatever interfaces to be chosen, Dante is fine but its a pretty Pro and therefore expensive interface choice.

If you need a rugged, high quality touring grade mixer then this is a nice choice, but for the project studio or small live setup this could prove to be an expensive option when cabling, adapters or Dante add-ons would impact on your budget.

Yamaha DM3 Standard (no Dante) £1495/$1699
Yamaha DM3  (with Dante) £299/$1999

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