ROLI Unveils The Seaboard Block M

US Updated and refined version of the Seaboard Block      01/11/23

ROLI has introduced the Seaboard Block M, an updated and refined version of the Seaboard Block.

A spokesperson told us, "This is the most requested product ever from the ROLI creator community. This portable yet powerful tool promises to bring infinite expressive possibilities to musicians everywhere, whether at home, in the studio, on the go, or on the stage."

Here's more details direct from the company...

A new dimension of music creation

ROLI is the world leader in MIDI polyphonic expression (MPE), a revolutionary technology that allows digital instruments to mirror the nuanced control of acoustic counterparts. After the highly celebrated launch of the Seaboard RISE 2 in 2022, ROLI is now democratizing access to its groundbreaking music creation tools with the launch of the Seaboard Block M, offering unparalleled expressive capabilities, at an accessible price point. These innovations reaffirm ROLI's commitment to shaping the future of musical expression and underscore its influential role in the Musical Instrument industry, signaling exciting developments still to come.

ROLI's versatile product lineup empowers all musicians to continually explore, learn, and perfect their craft, whether they are just starting their musical journey or are seasoned professionals. From the beginner-friendly LUMI Keys to Seaboard Block M and on to the complex capabilities of the RISE 2.

Founder and CEO of Luminary ROLI, Roland Lamb, expressed his excitement about the comeback of the much-loved Seaboard Block, saying, "The reintroduction of the Seaboard Block M marks a monumental step in making the revolutionary MPE and 5D Touch technology accessible to more music makers around the world. We believe that this tool will not only foster creativity but also redefine the landscape of music production. It's more than an instrument; it's a gateway to infinite musical possibilities."

Infinite Expression. Anywhere.

Despite its compact size, this instrument enables infinite musical discovery, allowing users to play any sound imaginable and express themselves with unprecedented freedom. With 10 hours of wireless battery, they can play and perform on the Seaboard wherever and whenever inspiration strikes.

Cutting-edge enhancements and breakthrough innovations

Seaboard Block M is equipped with ROLI's revolutionary 5D Touch technology, offering intuitive sound shaping through gestures such as Strike, Press, Glide, Slide, and Lift. This, coupled with a 24-keywave edge-to-edge design, creates the most responsive playing surface yet, capturing every nuance of a performance with unparalleled precision and fluidity.

The upgraded Seaboard Block M offers enhanced consistency and expressive control through the latest firmware, enabling users to personalize their velocity curve via the ROLI Dashboard. The new MIDI output also allows for seamless integration and direct connection to hardware synthesizers, improving workflow and versatility.

Supercharge sound with ROLI Studio

The ROLI Studio software suite is a comprehensive platform for creative potential, offering inspirational features such as Smart Chords, Multi-Layered Arpeggio, and Macros, all specifically tailored to enhance musical output and production. ROLI Studio Player provides a curated selection of 400 distinctive sounds and presets sourced from ROLI's powerful sound engines.

ROLI Studio Drums is the perfect MPE beatmaking companion. This separate plugin within ROLI Studio has 15 drum kits, each with 16 distinct and highly controllable parts.

Seamless integration

Seaboard Block M seamlessly integrates with most leading DAWs -- including Ableton Live 11+, Logic Pro, and Cubase, fully harnessing the instrument's MPE capabilities. It offers effortless connections to hardware instruments through a new MIDI Out port and additional devices via USB-C, ensuring a smooth transition into any production suite.

An extendable musical playground

Using DNA connectors, Creators can connect and expand their instruments seamlessly with other ROLI products. Unlock fresh avenues of creativity and musical exploration by pairing with LUMI Keys Studio Edition, or add another Seaboard Block M to take the experience from 24- to 48- keywaves.

Premium build, built to last

Constructed to withstand the rigors of touring and extended studio sessions, Seaboard Block M promises durability and comfort with premium materials and a sleek, black casing. The soft-touch silicon keywaves, compact form, 10+ hours of battery life, and 15-meter Bluetooth® range allow for a flexible and uninterrupted music creation experience, empowering artists and producers to push the boundaries of their creativity, anywhere.

What's new with Seaboard Block M:

  • Put Seaboard Block M at the heart of your setup with a new MIDI out that enables direct control of other hardware instruments.
  • Advanced customization of keywave response through a firmware upgrade, offering more nuanced MPE control.
  • A more natural, intuitive playing experience with an improved velocity response curve.
  • Durable design that has been refined to withstand the rigors of touring and extended studio sessions.
  • Go computer-free with mode-switching on your BLOCK M – change between Single Channel, or MPE, and other modes once activated in Dashboard.
  • Switch between your saved Equator2 or ROLI Studio presets by holding the side button and pressing the octave left and right buttons.
  • Select your own ROLI Soundpacks to get you started with MPE.


Pre-order Bundle Availability

Seaboard Block M is available in an exclusive pre-order bundle that includes:

- Seaboard Block M

- ROLI Studio Software Suite

- Voucher to the ROLI Sound Store

Pricing and Availability:

Available for pre-order from 1st November, the Seaboard Block M will ship from March 2024.

$349.95 USD  / £299.95 GBP / €349.95 EURO

Currently only shipping to the US, Canada, United Kingdom, and Europe.

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