ROLI Introduces Seaboard RISE 2

US Expressive keyboard has been re-engineered from the original to be more intuitive and powerful      31/03/22

ROLI has introduced Seaboard RISE 2. They say that Seaboard RISE 2 stock is limited and will be released in batches but preorders are now being taken.

A spokesperson told us, "Discover infinite possibilities with Seaboard RISE 2, a keyboard designed for limitless exploration of sound. Re-engineered from the multi-award-winning original to be more intuitive and powerful than ever before, RISE 2 is the new pinnacle of electronic musical expression."

What's new with Seaboard RISE 2?

-- A new Keywave2 playing surface featuring a refined shape and precision frets -- designed to be more intuitive and effortlessly expressive for piano and keyboard players than ever before.

-- A more powerful and versatile suite of included software, including the world's leading MPE synth Equator2 (worth $249), featuring 1400+ world-class presets. Ableton Live Lite, ROLI Studio are also included.

-- A head-turning, burnished Platinum Blue aluminum chassis, part of a premium build fine-tuned for maximum durability.

-- Expanded compatibility with other instruments and hardware with MIDI Port and USB-C.

-- A next-generation version of ROLI Dashboard, featuring enhanced 5D visualizers to customize your settings to perfection.

Pricing and Availability:

More information:


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