Friday Fun - Norand Mono MKII - Synth Jam

US And Dreadbox Hypnosis, Circuit Tracks      13/10/23

Golly its been a while, and thats partly because Nick has been recuperating from a broken wrist, (scaphoid fracture) makes it hard to play !

Anyhow, we have the Norand Mono MKII which is an Analogue FGPA Hybrid synth with some beefy sounding oscillators, nice filter and a really interesting approach to modulation. We saw this at Superbooth earlier this year. (

Basically every top front panel control knob can be routed to it own dedicated LFO and Envelope - like you see in some software instruments, touch a parameter and route it  - its a very interesting of making sounds in hardware. 

Nick says he was partly inspired to do this video because it just sounded so great going through the Dreadbox Hypnosis with the Circuit Tracks on drums and additional synth lines.

It also is an opportunity for you folks to ask any questions we can cover in the upcoming review of this synth - leave them in the comments, and we'll attempt to cover it in the review, or in the Patreon only Extra content we'll be posting. (

Also, we have Prize Draw running with U-HE - win any one of their plug-ins (ends Nov 1st) You can enter here:


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