Synthfest UK 23: Ryk Modular - Night Rider Quad Sequential Resonator

US Four multi-mode filters with 6-stage sequencer      09/10/23

We caught up with the enigmatic Jake from Ryk Modular at SynthFest UK 2023 to get a closer look at their latest creation, the Night Rider, a quad sequential resonator. This module is a versatile sound sculpting tool that features four filters which can take on various filter types like bandpass, all-pass, and more. Each filter's frequency is displayed as a dot on the module, making it easy to visualize and manipulate your sound. Visually reminiscent of its eponymous talking car, one of the standout features of the Nightrider is its sequential capabilities, allowing for up to six stages of sequencing with individual settings for each stage. You can modulate the scanning using an LFO, providing rich and evolving textures to your soundscapes. The module also offers stereo positioning, saturation clipping, slew, and the ability to lock specific filters to maintain sub-bass frequencies. With two inputs, two outputs, and various filter types, the Nightrider offers a range of sound manipulation possibilities. 

Night Rider Quad Sequential Resonator Price: £345 incl VAT

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