Synthfest UK 22: RYK Vector Wave Module

US FM and Vector multi-oscillator module      10/10/22

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RYK Modular started out making a sequencer in the style of a System 100 module, but moved on to making it in Eurorack Their latest module is the Vector Wave which is a 16 oscillator 4-operator FM and Vector synth inspired by the Synclavier no less!

We hope to have a review coming up.

Features: (from

16 Oscillators, divided into 4 banks, oscillators can freely configured into series or parallel combinations for complex FM or additive synthesis within a stereo field

A cute Vector Joystick for morphing between oscillator banks, for cool performance timbre sweeps and sonic movement
Vectors can be recorded from the joystick and replayed from trigger sources, or animated from external or internal modulation sources

Super cool retro Big-Pixel screen, ideal for nostalgia freaks or the visually impaired

Wave Warping brings grit and aggression to the FM synthesis with oscillators continu-ously variable between Sine,Tri-ish Saw, Pulse waveforms
Wave Folding for subtle to extreme sonic bending

Two Envelope generators [ per voice in polyphonic modes ], and two LFOs with all controls assignable as modulation destinations

Intuitive Modulation Slot patching from external and internal sources to be routed to any parameter within the Vector Wave

Stereo output, with PAN mixer, and bank panning available as modulation destination

30 User Voice storage spaces for storing your synth masterpieces to internal memory, enabling you to impress your friends at a later date

Priced at around £395


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