Starlight: French & Disco House Collection

US F9 Audio return with a stunning homage to classic genres      05/10/23

James Wiltshire (Freemasons and F9) is back with a stunning collection of French House and Disco House, all professionally processed through some of the finest studio gear money can buy. The pack comes with over 5GB of meticulously made content, including 345 Drums and FX Loops, 410 Musical Loops, and 1850+ Individual One Shots. Here's some info about the production process:

The best decision we made for this pack was to take it up to an SSL studio in London - Westpoint Studios 

Not only is the room acoustic excellent thanks to the recording architecture design, but the raw power of the magnificent console installed - the SL 4000 G series works extraordinarily well on house music. 

SSLs of this golden era have weight and clarity that is perfect for this style of mixing. Frank Zdar, famous for his work at Motorbass Studios and Cassius in Paris famously used an SL 4000 E series in nearly all of his work, mixing as if the desk were an instrument itself.

 Not only did Westpoint provide ample desk real estate, but the outboard collection is exceptional. We employed everything from a Briscati M7, Black Box HG2, Prism Maslec EQ, AMS reverbs, and a fantastic Fairchild recreation setup for the drums in a parallel configuration.  

 Here's a more thorough walkthrough, just out today:

Here's the full gear list used for the production...

EMU SP1200, Akai S612, MPC 3000, S1100, S950. MCF42 Analog Stereo Filter, Korg DSM-1, Ensoniq Mirage, Roland JX8P, Juno 106, Juno 60, MC 505, VP900, V-synth GT, TR909, TR606, VC330. Various Erica Drum synth Modules, Fender Rhodes, Fender Hardtail Stratocaster, Rhodes 73 MKII, Pioneer Toraiz SP-16, Minimoog re-issue, Arturia Polybrute, Linndrum, MXR Pedals, Boss Pedals, Sequential Prophet 5, Neve 33135 EQs, HCL Solution Valve limiter, Small Stone phaser, Evetide H3000, GML 8900, GML 8200, API 512 Pres, Chandler Lil Devil EQs, API 550 EQ, Overstayer Modular Chanel, Ensoniq DP2 ( THAT phaser ), Lexicon 300. SSL SL400G 48 Channel console, Prism Maselec EQ, Black Box HG2, AMS RMX 16, Bricasti M7, Empirical Labs Distressor EL8S (with brit mod),  UTA Unfairchild 670 Mk ii, Universal Audio 1176 LN, 10X Vintage Calrec EQs and preamps, Klementz Stereo dub delay. 

Get more info on Starlight here:


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