Behringer Releases KOBOL Expander

US Analog semi-modular synth in Eurorack format with 2 VCOs      04/09/23

Behringer tells us that their KOBOL Expander, based on a vintage French synth, is now available. Here's the details in their own words...

Master the waves and shape them in any way you want. The Behringer KOBOL EXPANDER is about to be your latest spell book in an infinite sea of beats, pulses and voltages.

The Behringer KOBOL EXPANDER is a duophonic analogue synthesizer featuring 2 VCOs allowing morphing between 7 waveforms, oscillator synchronization and pulse-width modulation that bring back to life the original circuits of the 70s. A unique 4-pole VCF also provides this natural saturation only found in "Kobol" synths.

If you want to push the KOBOL EXPANDER even further, the analogue LFO has two selectable waveforms that can be connected to multiple external modules or synths to achieve more complex sounds. And that's not all. A built-in noise generator and voltage processor let you extend the possibilities even further to create spicier sounds.

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