Waldorf Say Goodbye to Kyra

US Last few units available      24/08/23

We remember the excitement of a new synthesizer at an otherwise fairly dull MusikMesse back in 2018, possibly the last one we attended? Back then it was called the Exodus Valkyrie and was the work of a single dedicated developer (Manuel Caballero) with some very Virus inspired featured. It was quickly taken on by Waldorf who released it at NAMM 2019  as the Kyra. 

We included the original launch video here as a peice of nostalgia..

It was/is an FPGA powered DSP instrument with eight independent parts and the ability to play up to 16 voices per part together with on board FX. 

Waldorf today have announced that they are discontinuing the instrument, however they have a few remaining limited edition Sea Blue units available at a 10% discount 


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