Superbooth 2023: Waldorf - Quantum MK2

US We get a demo of Waldorf's updated flagship      13/05/23

We spoke to Claudio from Waldorf at about their newest flagship synthesizer, the Quantum mkII. This impressive synthesizer is part of the Quantum Iridium family and features three freely assignable oscillators with five synthesis forms, including wavetable synthesis, subtractive analog synthesis, particle synthesis, resonator modeling, and a DX-77 style FM synthesis. The Quantum mkII also has a touch-sensitive keyboard with polyphonic aftertouch and direct access to every parameter via the touchscreen or dial, allowing for seamless and intuitive sound design. The synthesizer also includes eight digital filters, which can be mixed with the analog filters for even richer sound shaping possibilities. The Quantum mkII is currently available for €4,500.

For more information on the Waldorf Quantum mkII, visit their website:

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