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US David Wise's work heralded by Trent Reznor and others      07/08/23

David Wise is a British video game music composer and musician - and here's a short video on his career, featuring some of his most iconic tracks. The video features the Yamaha CX5M and discusses his most revered music, released on the Nintendo game Donkey Kong. Here's a short summary:

30 years after its creation, Donkey Kong Country's Aquatic Ambience unexpectedly became a cult classic, worshipped by Childish Gambino, Trent Reznor and an adoring generation. So how did an underwater theme in a SNES platformer become so popular? We spoke to the Donkey Kong Composer, David Wise to find out. 

Here's 10 hours of the track in question:

The video was made by IGN:



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