Dystopian Percussion Textures

US Orchestral Tools announces Illuvia in their Creative Soundpack series      27/07/23

Orchestral Tools has announced the release of Illuvia, the latest entry in their Creative Soundpack series. They say that Illuvia is a collection of ominous percussion textures layered into evolving, playable sounds that are ideal for scoring the barren wastelands and eerie urban backdrops of dystopian films, TV, and video games, and equally useful for adding eerie rhythmic ambiance to any sound design project. 

Orchestral Tools CEO Hendrik Schwarzer, told us, "We designed Illuvia together with our friend Nils Neumann as a way to expand our definitions of percussive textures in composition. utilizing things that may not be seen as traditionally musical but can bring a unique timbre to a piece. The interactions between the layers create some truly unique and frankly apocalyptic sounds that we believe will be immediately inspiring to composers and sound designers."

Pricing and Availability:

Illuvia is available now on SINEplayer for an introductory price of €59 until August 9, after which it will have a regular price of €79.

More information:


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