Dynamic Percussion For Cinematic Composing

US Orchestral Tools announces Monolith by Richard Harvey      04/04/24

Orchestral Tools has announced Monolith by Richard Harvey, the latest collaboration between the Berlin-based sample library designers and the celebrated composer. They tell us that Monolith delves into Harvey's vast musical instrument collection to create a powerful, contemporary ensemble of cinematic percussion--with a  dynamic array of unique, rare, and antique drums.

Collection highlights

  •  53 rare and unique drums, 68 patches
  • Ensembles and selected single instruments
  • All drums carefully tuned and voiced
  • Hits, flams, and upbeats
  • Multiple beater options
  • Dynamic keyboard mapping
  • Alternative mapping options and processed patches
  • 20 dynamic layers
  • 10 mic positions
  • Recorded at Lyndhurst Hall, AIR Studios

Pricing and Availability:

Monolith is available now for an intro offer price of €199 (Regular price: €299 + VAT) until Thursday, April 18, 2024.

More information:


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