Autonomy: The Productions Of Martin Rushent

US Collected works of influential producer      23/07/23

Autonomy: The Productions Of Martin Rushent

A new compilation album of work by Martin Rushent is due for release next week, curated by DJ Gary Crowley. 'Autonomy' features his work with The Human League, The Stranglers, Buzzcocks and more - with an accompanying booklet containing quotes from Ian Gomm, Jo Callis, Steve Diggle, Stephen Street, Claire Grogan, Belinda Carlisle, Andy Partridge and Jean-Jacques Burnel.

More on Martin Rushent in this SOS article:

Here's the full info on Autonomy:

"Autonomy" is a sensational addition to Ace's long-standing Producer Series. After cutting his teeth as a recording engineer for artists from T.Rex to Shirley Bassey, Martin Rushent broke through in 1977, producing the Stranglers.

From that point, he helped give new wave bands a delicious pop edge, helming seminal recordings by 999, Buzzcocks, XTC, Generation X and the Rezillos to name just a few. As the 80s dawned he set up Genetic Sound and, armed with the latest technology, his pioneering work with the Human League on "Dare" defined the sound of UK synthpop and brought him international recognition. After that, the hits and cutting production work continued. 

Curated by DJ Gary Crowley, "Autonomy" takes a welcome look at Rushent's production career. Kicking off with the Stranglers' '(Get A) Grip (On Yourself)' it powers through some of his finest post punk work including Buzzcocks' 'Autonomy', 999's 'Homicide' and XTC's 'Are You Receiving Me?'. Ian Gomm's US hit 'Hold On' rubs shoulders with the Human League's 'Hard Times', Altered Images' 'I Could Be Happy' and the Members' 'Working Girl'. There are hidden gems as well, such as the Go-Go's 'Beneath The Blue Sky', the Associates' 'Breakfast' and the electronic perfection of Hard Corps' 'Je Suis Passée'.

All told, these 19 tracks give a perfect overview of Martin Rushent's finest years. Along with Crowley's liner notes, the CD booklet includes quotes from many musicians and producers who worked with Rushent including Ian Gomm, Jo Callis, Steve Diggle, Stephen Street, Claire Grogan, Belinda Carlisle, Andy Partridge and Jean-Jacques Burnel.

Finally, there are poignant memories penned by his children, along with some candid photos that show Rushent inside and outside his beloved studio habitat.


The compilation is out on Ace Records:


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