Roland Branch Into Royalty Free AI Music Service [Update]

US Sound fx too      19/07/23

Roland today announced a software service to enhance their Bridgecast Dual Bus Gaming Mixer (available now at $299).

The Bridgecast is aimed at game streamers and small online production setups with a Mic input DSP effects (though not sure who actually uses the voice changer algorithms...), headset input, USB audio return and Aux input and line out for powered speakers.

BGM Cast extends the services available in software that support  that hardware device to bring access to a music library with playlist preparation for royalty free background music and sound effects should you need that in your live productions. It will ensure that you don't get any copyright strikes for your productions.

You get up to 36 free background music beds and 16 sound effects in the free version, but if you sign up through Roland Cloud for the CORE membership then you unlock thousands more.

Its not clear where this music has come from, presumably Roland has done a deal with an existing library music provider, and shows an interesting expansion into other areas of content curation by growing what Roland Cloud encompasses.

[Update] - We asked for more information about where the music is coming from and were told:

Amadeus Code, a developer of music generation AI, provides the background music content in BGM CAST through MusicTGA-HR, one of the world's largest music datasets. BGM CAST music is created through a "human-in-the-loop" process, where musicians and producers enhance basic AI tracks to provide superior results.

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