Gearfest UK 2023: 1st Look At New Icon Control Surfaces

US Custom touch screens with deep DAW integration      15/07/23

We spoke to Simon Lowther from Sound Service MSL at Gear Fest UK 2023, where he showcased the upcoming products from Icon. The focus was on the V 1m control surface and the V 1x expander, both set to release in autumn. The V 1m features a touchscreen, flying faders, scribble strips, and a versatile master section for project navigation. It offers seamless integration with popular DAWs like Ableton, Bitwig, Cubase, and Pro Tools, adapting its control center based on the loaded overlay. Simon highlighted the responsiveness and ease of navigation, emphasizing the absence of lag. The V 1x expander is an additional unit that connects via USB, allowing users to expand their setup with three V 1x units. The article also mentioned the upcoming P1 Nano, a compact variant with a color strip, scheduled for release in September. 

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