Emulate The Sounds Of Early Digital Gear

US HoRNet releases ADDA Bitcrusher and resampler      13/07/23

Emulate The Sounds Of Early Digital Gear

HoRNet says that you can jump into the sound of early digital gear with ADDA, a plugin designed to emulate vintage analog to digital and digital to analog conversion process. Here's the details in their own words...

In a single plugin you can find two bit crushers (one for the analog to digital converter and one for the digital to analog converter) and a resampler with four different resampling algorithms so you can choose the amount of aliasing produced by your device. To give you the widest possible range of sonic settings we have adde a switch to disable the antialias filter and let all the dirt pass through and of course you can set the level of the dithering noise in the DAC section of the plugin.

A plugin like this could not be complete without an analog front end and output section so you can add warmth and weight to your signal before and after the digital processing. In addition to the virtual analog processing you can also use the pre emphasis and de emphasis filters to change the sound before qnd after the whole process giving you even more sonic options.

HoRNet ADDA also comes with up to 4x oversampling to make sure the highest quality is always allowed and the "auto" option ensures you have enough bandwith for high quality processing regardless of the sample rate set in your DAW.

The interface is provided both in light and dark mode and follows the operative system option providing a consistent look and feel with the rest of your environment.

We took great care in optimizing the algorithm and the result is that ADDA is very light on CPU allowing you to create a virtual multi output vintage sampler very easily if you want without significant hit on your CPU.


  •     ADC emulation with bit crusher and resampler
  •     DAC emulation with bit crusher and dithering
  •     Four different resampling algorithms available
  •     Bit crushing from 24 to 4 bits
  •     Resampling from 44100Hz to 4000Hz
  •     Antialias filter which can be disabled
  •     Analog and output stages emulation for enhanced harmonic content
  •     Variable saturation level for the input and output stages
  •     Optional analog  hiss emulation
  •     Pre emphasis and de emphasis filters which can be linked together
  •     Input and output and be linked to maintain constant loudness
  •     Oversampling up to 4x with "auto" option
  •     Each feature of the plugin can be individually turned on or off
  •     Each module can be turned on or off
  •     Seamlessly adapts to light and dark mode interface based on system settings
  •     Vector user interface which is sharp on every resolution
  •     Apple Silicon native support
  •     macOS (10.13 and later) and Windows (Windows 10 and later) support.
  •     64-bit on Mac and Windows.
  •     Audio Units, VST, VST3 and AAX format.

Pricing and Availability:
11,99 Euro

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